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Acheloo - Electronic and Ambient Music




Khimaira is the third digital release by Italian guitarist/keyboard maestro Acheloo, and it follows the same wonderfully haunting and etherial style of ambient electronica as the first two. AD Music really has discovered a star here; has ambient music ever sounded so good? Acheloo has a rare talent for making interesting and thought provoking minimalist ambient soundscapes using electronic music sounds and electric guitar that envelope and embrace the listener with a beauty the verges on the darkside. The music calmly washes over the listener, and titles like "Constant Perceptions","The Semblance of a Dream" & "Impalpable Shadow of Evening" are space music gems that drift effortlessly by just as the titles imply. You're transported to vistas both mysterious and beautiful by the incredible pull of the music that retains interest without ever actually breaking into a discernible melody. Unique, extraordinary and utterly brilliant!

Khimaira - 2009

1 - Constant Perceptions 12.22
2 - The Semblance of a Dream 17.02
3 - Impalpable Shadow of Evening 14.59
4 - Breathing Fire 17.3

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