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Acheloo - Electronic and Ambient Music


Cover Cycle

"Cycle" is the fourth album of Carlo Luzi under the alias Acheloo. This is a wonderfully dark ambient album, the mixture of electronics and guitar create wonderful soundscapes. The sound cyclicity in every track is the recurring element and the thematic constant, as in the tracks titles, is present in various cultures and various ambits: an ancient Chinese numeral system ("ten"), the basic units of time -60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours- can all perfectly divide by twelve ("twelve"), the Tonalpohualli, the Aztec Calendar, has cycles of 13 numbers ("thirteen"), in Christian symbolism there are 9 orders of angelic choirs in 9 circles of heaven and 9 orders of devils within 9 rings of hell ("nine"), the sun spot cycle is 11 years ("eleven").




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