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Acheloo - Electronic and Ambient Music




"Sirens" is an ambient electronic music album of genuine passion. Beautifully produced and cosmic on an epic scale, the music washes over the listener as if floating in a sea of tranquility and calm. However, this is not your usual ambient fare. It is a superb and quite unique mixture of electronics and guitar with wonderful nuances of sound. The music weaves between soundscapes of beauty, calm, cosmic spaces and dark emptiness that crosses between the mysterious visions of early Tangerine Dream and the cosmic landscapes of 'Dreamtime Return' by Steve Roach. The seven tracks on Sirens all have an 'edge' that is so often missing in this genre of music, and that edge is supplied by the colour and variation of Carlo's superb guitar or reed percussion. The listener is left floating serenely; a female voice in the distance, guitar textures imbuing the music with a mixture of dark and light, colour and shade, beauty and melancholy. The musical journey drifts and sways effortlessly, but never loses sight of its purpose. Sirens is a masterpiece of ambient electronic music.

Sirens - 2008

1 - Ligea 16.16
2 - Teles 4.38
3 - Sirens 12.06
4 - Raidne 11.52
5 - Deianira 7.36
6 - The Bride of Taar 7.32
7 - Melody of Darka 9.57

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